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i love you Radiohead

June 20, 2011

i honestly could listen to Radiohead all day, everyday.  i want to know how their brains work like that? how do they create that music? if i could crawl into Thom Yorke’s brain for a day i would seize that day.


Hello best remix

June 1, 2011

the wild

March 31, 2011

amazing band!/pages/The-Wild/145786565455900

talk to them, they are adorable.

rap and techno songs

December 29, 2009

it’s censored, which is terribly annoying i know; it negates the art but what are you going to do? i remembered this song from when i watch “The Carter”, a documentary on the character of Lil Wayne. i really needed to remember this song.

this came on at my work and was stuck in my head and i finally found this version. an earlier version is by the Cutting Crew, i’m not sure if they were the orginal artists though