missed writing..and things

i don’t write anymore, or journal. i think it’s because i haven’t had time to be creative. during this summer i want to cook, because i miss it. i miss a lot of things. like ______ because i messed up. and decided to lie, and the guy i was lying with..i don’t even speak with anymore. so not only am i left alone but with a crumbled friendship and that sucks. i’ve been getting antsy, with everything lately. i know i don’t have patience but this is getting ridiculous when i just want to fight with everyone. i need to go to the bank, and get half and half (for blueberry scones), and Uni-Som because i can’t stay asleep. i really need to change my sleep pattern, i can only sleep for 5 hours at the most and then i wake up but then i go back to sleep, and i just need to stay asleep. ksdhfsldiufhewalkfjndsblkfjshfliwurlewiufhd,kfj i dont know what to do with myself sometimes. i miss having motivation. hm, more later..maybe..


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