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this is how i feel somtimes

May 31, 2012


this breaks my heart everytime i look at it


Pat L.

May 30, 2012

i love this blog. sweet jesus.

kids back in the day

May 30, 2012

magnus carlsen

May 30, 2012

chess was never so cute. awww. gstar.Image

so kanyeeee

May 30, 2012

tell us how you really feel…


May 30, 2012

well hello hiphop ect.

May 22, 2012

i like this site. maybe more than , maybe more than (and i love me some techno)


May 19, 2012


i want everything on this website. love

missed writing..and things

May 19, 2012

i don’t write anymore, or journal. i think it’s because i haven’t had time to be creative. during this summer i want to cook, because i miss it. i miss a lot of things. like ______ because i messed up. and decided to lie, and the guy i was lying with..i don’t even speak with anymore. so not only am i left alone but with a crumbled friendship and that sucks. i’ve been getting antsy, with everything lately. i know i don’t have patience but this is getting ridiculous when i just want to fight with everyone. i need to go to the bank, and get half and half (for blueberry scones), and Uni-Som because i can’t stay asleep. i really need to change my sleep pattern, i can only sleep for 5 hours at the most and then i wake up but then i go back to sleep, and i just need to stay asleep. ksdhfsldiufhewalkfjndsblkfjshfliwurlewiufhd,kfj i dont know what to do with myself sometimes. i miss having motivation. hm, more later..maybe..

WHAT. Typecolorer!?!?!

May 15, 2012