tests, exboyfriends and the postal service

30 day challenge, day 2.OHYES.

so i’m about to go run some errands, but i thought i’d crank one of there bloggittygitties out. talked with my now exboyfriend, as of yesterday (yikes), we had been on break for a month and i just realized yesterday it was just too stressful for me, to wake up every morning and think “well we could get back together today. OR. we could break up” do you even know how exhausting that was? blah. what else? had an exam today, i actually think i did ok, i definately didn’t get a F on it, possibly a D, but i think a C, which i will take. i told my mom and my sister, if i get a D or below on this exam i’m dropping the class because there’s no way i am wasting anymore of my summer. i should probably get going, i have work later, booooo 😦 i hope the store has blue hair dye. pleasepleaseplease!


i can totally do this for 30 days. booyah. secreast OUTTTTTTT.


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