the mirror

this will be day one of my 30 days challenge. my challenge is to blog everyday, hopefully i’ll write in my notebook too but we’ll see.

i was thinking about my father and his flaws today. personally i believe most people know how they are, what they act like, what they look like and how other perceive them. or at least i know there are traits i have (it’s cool because it makes it more fun to fuck with people 🙂 ahha). but with my father, i don’t think he knows himself; that’s sad to me.  and i feel like he has this impression of himself that it’s not him it’s everyone else. and sometimes (*..all the time) it’s fucking frustrating to deal with. do you know someone who believes that they are never wrong, but the probably is they’re REALLY REALLY smart too. he’s right about the knowledge shit but not about anything dealing interpersonally, at all. he just doesn’t get it.

boom. day 1. that wasn’t so hard.


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