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Melanie Iglesias

July 27, 2011

i’m straight and even i think this is fucking adorable


Fleet Foxes

July 27, 2011

this song is my friggin’ sanity…

Dear Donald Glover

July 26, 2011

if you ever see this, i love and fucking adore you.


July 25, 2011

Abi Titmuss

i will NEVER stop laughing at this…props though because she’s actually pretty hot


July 24, 2011

i am obsessed with this.



so we’re gonna do this day

July 11, 2011

with3 hours of sleep. going to go run (hopefully a mile, but i doubt it, i’ll be happy with 1/2 a mile).Ā  while i’m running the laundry will be going and is going to finish before school so i can take my work shit with me to school from school directly to work to open the store and stay there until nanette gets there ( she doesn’t know what time she’ll be in). going to come home, probably collapse, wake up and do work with kristin. i will conquer this day….cracked out on no sleep and red bull.

hummingbird hawk moth

July 9, 2011

i want

um fail

July 9, 2011

so clearly im failing at my 30 day challenge as of right now… it’s just that i forgot, i should probably write myself a reminder, or maybe this means i have to restart? i’m not sure. i’ve been working out though, which is cool, i can now run a mile without feeling like i am going to die, all good things! i’m still having issues with focusing on school though which is no bueno and i dont know what to do about it honestly, and that really upsets me. i dont want to be a slacker.

tests, exboyfriends and the postal service

July 6, 2011

30 day challenge, day 2.OHYES.

so i’m about to go run some errands, but i thought i’d crank one of there bloggittygitties out. talked with my now exboyfriend, as of yesterday (yikes), we had been on break for a month and i just realized yesterday it was just too stressful for me, to wake up every morning and think “well we could get back together today. OR. we could break up” do you even know how exhausting that was? blah. what else? had an exam today, i actually think i did ok, i definately didn’t get a F on it, possibly a D, but i think a C, which i will take. i told my mom and my sister, if i get a D or below on this exam i’m dropping the class because there’s no way i am wasting anymore of my summer. i should probably get going, i have work later, booooo šŸ˜¦ i hope the store has blue hair dye. pleasepleaseplease!


i can totally do this for 30 days. booyah. secreast OUTTTTTTT.

the mirror

July 5, 2011

this will be day one of my 30 days challenge. my challenge is to blog everyday, hopefully i’ll write in my notebook too but we’ll see.

i was thinking about my father and his flaws today. personally i believe most people know how they are, what they act like, what they look like and how otherĀ perceiveĀ them. or at least i know there are traits i have (it’s cool because it makes it more fun to fuck with people šŸ™‚ ahha). but with my father, i don’t think he knows himself; that’s sad to me. Ā and i feel like he has this impression of himself that it’s not him it’s everyone else. and sometimes (*..all the time) it’s fucking frustrating to deal with. do you know someone who believes that they are never wrong, but the probably is they’re REALLY REALLY smart too. he’s right about the knowledge shit but not about anything dealing interpersonally, at all. he just doesn’t get it.

boom. day 1. that wasn’t so hard.