Applying AA to my life

if you don’t understand AA, I should refer you to their website for a more detailed and accurate description of who they are and what they stand for; but right now I am going to apply AA to my life by taking some basic ideas from them. A big part of AA are sponsors. (if you don’t understand go look it up) i want to take the idea of sponsor and apply it to me doing my school work. I am going to have someone that I have to talk to everyday and update them on what I want to do for the day involving my schoolwork and then we will talk later and discuss what I actually accomplished. I feel like I’m the type of person that needs help focusing and so I’m hoping if I have people to guide me this may help with my not caring about school thing. Ds and Fs are not fun, they are not cute. I’m just worried about getting annoyed with them :/ because whenever people ask about school I tell them to mind their fucking business. Yikes. Wish me luck. (sorry for any typing errors I’m on the treadmill and typing on an itouch, HIGH FIVE MULTITASKING!)


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