trying to figure out what the fuck to do with myself right now. it’s midnight, i have a test at 8am. it’s on microbiology. yeah, you understand my problem. i guess it always goes back to “sleep or study” but i feel like i can’t make it up this time, there’s no possible way so why even bother, do you know what i mean? it’s one of those scenarios where you’re so far down the (up the?) creek without a paddle and it’s like well fuck it i might as well jump in this bitch. because me personally? i’m all about the extremes of things, which is very seldom a good thing. so i’m here typing on my blog trying to decide what i want to do. my thinking right now is: if i haven’t started now, i won’t so i might as well go to sleep but if i go to sleep i’ll feel like the biggest asshole. i already feel like an asshole but even more so. i always seem to get myself into this predicament now don’t i?


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