How to be productive while being online

so i just downloaded the free version, just because i think using trials of things is stupid.  it’ll take you about a day (depending on how often you use your computer, i’m assuming a lot) to adjust all of the settings, a lot of websites get set to “productive” right off the bat, you need to go through and change those settings, mark all of the even MILDLY distracting websites as “-2” so then when you use the “Get Focused” feature (to use that, right click on the icon at the bottom of your computer screen) they will be automatically blocked, they won’t be blocked if they are “-1″s-. i kept Google as productive because i do use to look up information, YouTube automatically shows as a distraction (i was on it to learn about DNA replication…and i watched some music videos, Jorm dancing to Fleet Foxes.  Adorable!). it’s pretty easy to set up, watch the informational videos. you are able to click on the charts bars and look at the exact websites you were on and adjust their settings. it even shows you non-internet use. turns out iTunes is a distraction (oops, but they were right, i was just messing around for apparently 45 minutes in it).  if you want help with it, i don’t know how much of an assistance i can be since i’m still working through it but if you need me i think you can find my email somewhere on this site, or you can just leave a comment below. good luck with your productivity!


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