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facebook wisdom

June 27, 2011

what a girl posted on facebook “I used to look to all these things to keep you happy, but since I got rid of you I can get back to me.”


the heartbreaking predicament

June 26, 2011

I always seem to find myself in the same predicament. I meet guys and we hang out and we’re cool and then they fall in love with me. It’s funny because they always say “we have a connection” but I really just think that’s them projecting on me. Honestly I do because Ive never felt like that with anyone before, is that weird? I feel like it may be because a lot of my friends have said something like that. Anyways I just have this terrible habit of not caring and breaking hearts, sometimes I think it’s better to break hearts than get broken. But that can’t be right, can it? I don’t think you can ever fully appreciate a situation unless you have felt the extremes of it.

Applying AA to my life

June 25, 2011

if you don’t understand AA, I should refer you to their website for a more detailed and accurate description of who they are and what they stand for; but right now I am going to apply AA to my life by taking some basic ideas from them. A big part of AA are sponsors. (if you don’t understand go look it up) i want to take the idea of sponsor and apply it to me doing my school work. I am going to have someone that I have to talk to everyday and update them on what I want to do for the day involving my schoolwork and then we will talk later and discuss what I actually accomplished. I feel like I’m the type of person that needs help focusing and so I’m hoping if I have people to guide me this may help with my not caring about school thing. Ds and Fs are not fun, they are not cute. I’m just worried about getting annoyed with them :/ because whenever people ask about school I tell them to mind their fucking business. Yikes. Wish me luck. (sorry for any typing errors I’m on the treadmill and typing on an itouch, HIGH FIVE MULTITASKING!)

June 23, 2011

So I’ve got my four days of no school work. I have work work though. I need to figure out and evaluate what the he’ll I’m doing. Because the way i view it right now I am just fucking burning money, actually burning money would have made more sense (pardon the pun) because I would have heat and a place to roast marshmallows. I just feel stupid because I’m just wasting money, if I’m not getting As what the fuck am I doing. And I’m just getting worried about the program and if I’ll be able to handle it. As for being here in new jersey I’m pretty alright with being alone still, but I dont know, depends on the day I suppose. I need to prep dinner stuff now


June 23, 2011

trying to figure out what the fuck to do with myself right now. it’s midnight, i have a test at 8am. it’s on microbiology. yeah, you understand my problem. i guess it always goes back to “sleep or study” but i feel like i can’t make it up this time, there’s no possible way so why even bother, do you know what i mean? it’s one of those scenarios where you’re so far down the (up the?) creek without a paddle and it’s like well fuck it i might as well jump in this bitch. because me personally? i’m all about the extremes of things, which is very seldom a good thing. so i’m here typing on my blog trying to decide what i want to do. my thinking right now is: if i haven’t started now, i won’t so i might as well go to sleep but if i go to sleep i’ll feel like the biggest asshole. i already feel like an asshole but even more so. i always seem to get myself into this predicament now don’t i?

i love you Radiohead

June 20, 2011

i honestly could listen to Radiohead all day, everyday.  i want to know how their brains work like that? how do they create that music? if i could crawl into Thom Yorke’s brain for a day i would seize that day.

what i’m learning from taking microbiology/how to study

June 18, 2011

I’m learning that studying sucks. for me, i don’t have a general technique that i use to study, i have to switch up every subjects. I’m also 33% in every learning category which is problematic because during school, especially during an accelerated times 3 summer course (the course is 5 weeks long), there is no room for trial and error (which explains the two F’s, a C and a B).  anyways so some general tips that I can share about my study habits that I am finding out.

  • it is okay to take breaks–there are very few people in this world that can work endlessly (if you don’t think they exist, I will gladly introduce you to my father, the man is a beast. plain and simple)
  • it is okay to sleep– I’m not saying get home after work, look at the mounds you have to memorize by 9am in two days and collapse into a sleep coma. 30 minutes is the key, no longer than 30. AND, listening closely..or I suppose read closely..YOU MUST GET UP. DO NOT RESET THE ALARM. DO NOT SAY FIVE MORE MINUTES. TRUST ME. I know this game and it ends in 4 1/2 hours later waking up with a first thought of: “fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I need to study” (you will promptly fall back asleep after this thought)
  • procrastination is a terrible thing. no you will not do it later. no after this show you won’t go to your room.
  • excercise. do it. I use excercise for several different reasons, I’m happier afterwards, I’m more optimistic (i am a realistic, not one of those smiling all the time with fucking chipmunk teeth popping, in your face with a bunch of  “don’t worries” and “you got this” bullshit.). it is a way to take a break but have a decent excuse. when i move my feet that somehow transfers to my brain into perpetual motion. i use a treadmill, you can study on that..
  • WRITE IT DOWN. if your teacher hands out a packet. USE IT TO TAKE NOTES. my professor handed out a packet which was of all the slides of her Powerpoint, when going through her Powerpoint I would write down everything even though i had a much neater version of it 5 inches away.
  • STOP TEXTING. I’m serious. just stop it. now.
  • ask questions. ask your teacher questions, ask your classmates questions (after/before NOT DURING class). it engaging you in what is going on in the class
  • talk. by talk, I’m thinking of the lines of “network”, get email addresses, Facebook accounts, numbers, messenger accounts from people. if you’re having an issue understanding something chances are someone else is too, or someone does understand and can explain it. also talk to the teacher. really though ON AVERAGE they will try to help I understand shit teachers though, believe me i know, if you are faced with one of these, classmates and Google are your best bet). and in my experience if you show a teacher your willingness, they will appreciate it.

alright kids. well those are all of the gems I have for you right now. honestly this is me on a break from studying right now…

Good Luck

just watched a blind person drive a car

June 18, 2011

that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I cried watching this.

Arthur C. Clarke

June 18, 2011

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”


my new goal in life is to use this in a paper for school someday.

the stuff of nature

June 18, 2011

nature’s imagination fascinates me.