The Raptor Trust

went to this place where they take care of injured birds or birds that can’t be released into the wild ever again with my mom. the cages had some signs in dedication of some people and there were things written on them, i wrote a few down that i really loved.

“someone who cared” -it just had a woman’s name and that under it, and i loved it, it’s just so pure and simple. i want to use that some how, like stat signing things “someone who cares”  maybe.

“just like the eagle, you have spread your wings and have soared into eternity” -that line “soared into eternity”? i adore that.

“when you awaken in the morning’s hush. i am the swift uplifting rush of quiet owls in circled flight. i am the soft stars that shine at night. do not stand at my grave and cry. i am not there. i did not die” -from the “soft stars” part is my favorite

anyways, just little things i really appreciated. the birds were amazing, i think if sarah ever comes and visits we should probably go to that place. i would like to volunteer there next summer.

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