i recently purchased an ASUS Intel Atom netbook from BestBuy. their shipping is ridiculous, i suggest that if you are going to buy a netbook online it should have free shipping. i got this to work on at my college in between classes, i really did not want a laptop because even now i use my computer as an enormous  non-portable ipod. my brother helped me pick this out and he is a huge techie so i trust him. and honestly if you’re looking at netbooks, notebooks or laptops i suggest you look at ones that have been refurbished [wow. i couldn’t remember that word for half an hour i swear] and NOT a used one because i promise you they all will have the same tag line of “Used-Like New” and for the comments it will go something along the lines of “got a new computer” “i just don’t use it much anymore” “it was a gift i don’t use” but the truth is you have no idea what’s going to be on the hard drive and you could just be buying yourself a clusterfuck of trouble.

*we did compare a lot of different items from,,, and even [small note: is a site for people more into technology and who want quality stuff but actually know what they are looking for; that being said it is very easy to use and you most likely will not [i can’t just say “will not” because that could be liable :/ sorry, but you know what i mean] screwed over like with some site where people are allowed to use brand name and you have no idea what you’ll actually be getting.]

what i bought (online): Asus-Eee PC Netbook with Intel® Atom Processor-Midnight Blue-1005HAB-RBLU001S

cost (including tax and shipping): $333.29

its sale price: $299.99


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